Bridge USA Program

Work & Travel USA

This program enables selected full-time university students to gain a greater understanding and appreciation of the way of life in the United States through temporary employment.
Participants are able to obtain a personal insight into United States culture and to improve their English Language and job skills. The program provides participants the opportunity to work alongside their American peers and other international participants from more than 30 countries, make new friends, network with people of different background and travel to other parts of the United States after completing the job assignments. The work component of this program does not necessarily cover the students expenses; students should understand that this is a cultural exchange program and not a way of getting rich in a summer. Participants must be bonafide international students currently enrolled in post-secondary study programs in their home countries with a valid summer holiday period. These students are screened for appropriate English Language fluency, ability to function in a work environment and motivation to get maximum benefit from the Summer Work & Travel Program.
Program Duration: May to September
Accommodation and Job placements are pre-arranged for all participants at an acceptable international work environment in the US. All job offers are at the entry-level stage. To register, visit the Application tab and click on the program link.