Internships Abroad

The Internship program is designed for current international students and recent graduates in different fields of study. Participants are expected to be current international students and recent graduates.
A U.S. State Department designated program, this program provides foreign nationals and American citizens with opportunities to participate in professional traineeship exchange programs in Arts, Cultural, Business and Management organizations in the United States.
The Bridge USA Program sponsor, screens, select and sponsors international trainees throughout their training placements. It places students, graduates and professionals with business, finance, management and arts related organizations to complete valuable on-the-job training and internship placements in the US. The J-1 sponsor acts as the liasion for both the exchange visitor and the host organization during the entire length of training by providing exchange visitors with pre-arrival information, important orientation sessions, and mentoring and monitoring throughout trainees stay in the United States on the J-1 Trainee visa.
We accept application for placements in Agriculture, Accounting and Related Services, Arts, Banking and Financial Support Services, Business Administration and Management, Finance and Financial Management Services, Human Resources Development, Marketing, Finance and Performing arts management.
The US State Department Bridge USA Program office has effected change to the regulations governing the participation of international students in the Intern program category. At this moment, the following requirements are expected to be possessed by the applicants:
You must be currently enrolled in a foreign post-secondary academic institution or pursuing studies at a degree or certificate-granting post-secondary academic institution; or that you have graduated from a similar institution no more than 12 months prior to the date your internship begins. You must also present a verifiable cover letter from your institution stating the intent and purpose of your internship.
To register, visit the Application tab and click on the program link.