Study in USA/Canada

Destination North America

LReceiving a higher education in the United States or Canada is a very good way of building the grounds for a successful career. However the cost of attending a university for four years, can prove to be too much for many American and foreign students alike.
Our "Study USA/Canada" options below will assist any applicant in making the most suitable choice. Evaluating and choosing educational institutions abroad can be overwhelming, with confusing programs, deadlines, application and documentation requirements.
We offer a premium service to facilitate communication with all involved parties and to reduce errors and omissions.
Our clients benefit from an indispensable service for simultaneous organization and management of all details of evaluation, application and admissions for single or multiple institutions. We maintain a constant 100% success rate in assisting our students to make the right academic and career choices through intensive institution match-making to ensure value driven benefit for the applicants.
Our Study USA/Canada packages are;
* Basic - admission profile for up to Four (4) institution plus optional a la carte services.
* Classic - admission profile for up to Seven (7) institutions with dedicated support from an in-house admission counselor and support officer every step of the way. This service is currently under review and unavailable.
Due to the level of professionalism and dedication involved in offering these services to students, no fire brigade or rush approach to admission will be taken. Meticulous care will be taken to ensure that all provisions are met ethically and that the primary intent of the applicant is to study in the desired destinations. We do not guarantee admission offers from any specific institutions or visas from the Consular Posts but rather we guarantee 100% success for our applicants in achieving their goals and becoming a global student.

High School

We offer University Preparatory classes through High School study opportunities starting from Grade 10 in the USA and Canada. After three years study with North American curriculum (Grade 10-12), the students will obtain high school diploma and can apply to universities in North America directly (just the same as local students) without taking any English efficiency test.
Applicants for 11th or 12th grade can apply as well, in which case, we will get the student's grade 10 transcript to be evaluated by the Learning Department and see how many extra credits student needs to study in order to obtain an high school diploma. Flexibility is applied to individual students' application and the best suitable way for student's study is ensured accordingly.


Attending the USA or Canada Community College Program is an effective and cost efficient way of starting on the path to a university degree. Students take the two first years of their four year bachelors degree in a Community College where they enjoy a full course load with high quality academics as well as first class facilities in a true college campus environment.


Bachelors degree programs offers for the student the opportunity to earn a degree after a 4-year study period or 2 years of study if transfering from an Associate degree program. Some community colleges and most universities offer a bachelors degree program in certain courses.


The main goal of this category of study is for students to obtain real practical experience during their education process that will reflect well upon their competencies when they complete their specialization and obtain the relevant certificates. This program enables selected and qualified high school graduates and transfer students currently doing college work with good grades to gain admission for flight training in the United States and Canada. Participants are able to choose from a variety of fields and specializations