Study In Europe

Destination Cyprus

Our study abroad opportunities in the European Union covers a diverse choice of geographical locations and academic preferences. The choices below are for your consideration as we hope your decision will be the best for you, your career and future.
Cyprus is situated in the northeastern corner of the Mediterranean, at the meeting point of Europe, Asia and Africa. Since the dawn of history, Cyprus has been one of the most interesting areas of the region and has a rich and visible cultural history. Ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Romans along with the Crusaders, the Byzantines, the Franks and the Ottomans have all left a powerful legacy for the modern visitor to see and admire. Cyprus is endowed with golden beaches, virgin green forests and other natural wonders. The environment remains relatively free from pollution and other ill-effects common to industrialised countries. The Cyprus economy is booming and political stability is firmly established. In May 2004, Cyprus officially became a member of the European Union and thus essentially became the bridge between Europe, the Middle East and the rest of the world. Having emerged as one of the region's leading business and financial centres, the island enjoys competitive advantages in areas such as tourism, consultancy, shipping, telecommunications, banking and insurance.

Destination France

Our Study in France service facilitates the placement of students in Graduate Business Schools in France. These business school degrees open up a wide variety of career paths, thanks to the competencies and knowledge acquired in the main areas of management. Students are trained in decision making and leadership skills, giving real advantages in the employment market where the career possibilities are numerous and varied. Graduates from these institutions also benefit from valuable and influential alumni networks which is especially important when searching for employment. A true sense of solidarity links these business school students. In conclusion, we offer more than just a Master's degree.

Destination Germany

There are more than 400 officially recognised institutions of higher education in about 200 towns and cities throughout Germany. In total, German universities and colleges offer more than 14,000 degree programs. Our students can you from this wide range of options and we will support them through our service to ensure that the right choice is made. Most universities and colleges in Germany are public and they receive funding from the federal government.
Some are also financed by various religious bodies and these institutions are hence subsidised. There are about 100 private universities and colleges which confer officially recognised degrees and a majority of these are universities of applied sciences. The quality of instruction at both types of universities is nonetheless comparably high. Each of the 16 states has its own higher education laws and guidelines which means that German universities are largely self-regulatory and not all rules apply to every university. Courses offered covers a wide range of discipline from Pure Science to Health to Engineering to Environment, Medicine and Management among other sub-fields.

Destination Ireland

Education in Ireland is reputed to be of high quality and standard globally and this is built on the solid foundation of commitment to excellence. Ireland is a beautiful island, combining contemporary modern cities with an unspoilt countryside, cityscapes steeped in history and a rich natural habitat. Renowned for friendliness and safety, the country offers the warmest of welcomes to students from all over the world.
Qualifications of Higher Study in Ireland are conferred by more than 38 Higher Education Institutions and these are the degree-awarding authorities approved by the Government of Ireland and can grant awards at all academic levels. There third-level (higher education) courses are offered in different fields by these institutions and others that are affiliated to them for preparatory study before final entry into the Higher Education Institutions. We support our students to enroll into the affiliated institutions for proper preparation and enrollment into their desired choice of study.

Destination Turkey

Turkey has a unique strategic position at the crossroads of East and West which endows this country with nearly ten-thousand years of history. As part of Asia and part of Europe, Turkey has remarkably wide climatic and geographical variations. Due to its location, surrounded by seas on three sides, Turkey as always been the center of great trade, silk and spice routes. Today, even in the most inaccessible or isolated corners, one can easily feel and see the traces of different cultures. As Turkish landscape encompasses a vast variety of geographical zone, it has the combined characteristics of the three continents of the world: Europe, Africa and Asia. Degrees granted by Turkish Universities are recognized around the world. Turkey is a place where international students can find affordable education. Tuition and cost of living are lower than in most European countries and the U.S. In Turkey, students will have the opportunity to experience both modernity and tradition in one of the safest and most stable countries in the region. In some Turkish Universities the language of instruction is English and others give opportunities to learn English.

Destination Lithuania

Lithuania, a country in Northern Europe is the biggest of the three Baltic states. The country has a 100% literacy rate and our students can learn in English Language as international students. The enrolment process is simple and direct and tuition is not high compared to other EU countries.
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