Study in ASIA

Destination Philippines

Philippines has one of oldest Universities in South East Asia with a high standard of tuition and practical training. Some of the specialist field available at the Bachelors and Masters degree level are; Nursing, Information Technology, Medicine, Engineering, Hospitality, Business and Management. At present the country trains more than 20000 students per academic calendar with most of them getting the privilege and recognition of working abroad with their certificates and degrees earned in Philippines. Tuition is in English language and proficiency must be established. Courses available are;
* Bachelor of Science in Architecture
* Industrial Design
* Interior Design
* Biological Engineering
* Chemical Engineering
* Chemistry
* Civil Engineering
* Computer Engineering
* Electrical Engineering
* Electronics Engineering
* Environmental & Sanitary Engineering
* Industrial Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering
* Geological Engineering & Geology
* Mechanical Engineering
* Psychology
* Multimedia Arts and Sciences
* Engineering Management
* Management Science & Engineering
* Information Technology & Computer Science
* Accountancy
* Business Administration
* Entrepreneurship
* Hotel & Restaurant Management
* Nursing.

Destination Singapore

Earn an advanced diploma or Bachelors Degree at the prestigious Raffles Design Institute (accredited by Raffles International University; Raffles KVB in Australia) or any of our partner institution in Singapore. All courses are taught in Singapore with linkage/study abroad option with other partner universities in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.
Course options include;
** Bachelor of Design (Interior Design, Multimedia Design, Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Product Design, Jewellery Design, Fashion Marketing and Retail Management)
** Bachelor of Arts (Visual Communication;Animation, Games Design)
** Certificate in Jewelry Design, Glass Design, Buyer and Retail Manager
** Advanced Diploma in Visual Communication (Graphic Design, Multimedia), Fashion Marketing, Fashion Design, Interior Design, Marketing, Biomedical Science, Infocomm Security, Applied Psychology
** Specialist Diploma in Design Management, Integrated Brand Communication, Film Making
** Bachelor of Commerce; Management, Marketing, Finance, Hospitality, Tourism; Masters of Commerce (specialist areas)
** Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology, Infocomm Security.
All the advanced diploma courses takes 2 years, while a 3rd year of study will result in Bachelors Degree.
Registration is an important step in our application process. All prospective applicants must register and complete the background for profiling.
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