About Us

Our Company

Welcome to the online portal of Besor Associates. We are educational travel advising company located in Lagos, Nigeria with the aim of providing content solutions for users and providers of relevant educational travel products. Our focus is on students and youths with potentials and talents for post-classroom development in the Sub-Sahara region. Our goal is to provide students and youth travellers with all the necessary opportunities and make provisions available for personal development from out-of-classroom education through educational travel opportunities, exchange, work and learn programs and cultural immersion that will promote mutual understanding, respect for individual abilities irrespective of their background and peaceful co-existence globally.

Our Mission

Since the inception of our business relations, we have adhered strictly and still stayed committed to our core values and acceptable content delivery. With our service delivery packages and the synergy opportunities available, we have ensured at all levels to strive for the best share of quality service for our partners and clients both locally and internationally. At Besor Associates, we believe that the experience and knowledge you gain through travel exposure adds value to your personal development and contribute to the better person you hope to become in all aspects. Education gained through travel is out-of-classroom, holistic in defining your outlook to versatile issues and defines who you are. Unlike certificates and diplomas, it cannot be taken away from you. It is your experience and has become a part of you. Our service mandates in integrity and satisfaction to all concerned are;

- To provide educational travel services and support to students and youth travellers.
- To promote out-of-classroom learning experience and assist students and youth travellers through counselling, enrollment and placement in exchange programs.
- To give every eligible and interested applicants the unique and need-tailored study abroad opportunities.

Our Values

It is our expectation that all clients, students, faculty and youth travellers using our service to fulfill their educational travel goals will adhere to our value system. Our core values are: