We do not offer specific destinations as preference for our placement services. Choice of destination is made by applicant and we advise based on our review of academic interest.

This service is rendered selectively and strictly on a case-by-case basis.

Applicants are advised to show adequate proof of funds for their studies and there is no specific maximum amount.

This can be an institutional requirement for some programs, especially in Management courses.

This is subject to the immigration policy and regulations of your destination country. However, applicants are advised to have adequate funding for their tuition.

This is subject to the academic program and the competencies required for admission. Most STEM programs may require GRE score while GMAT is usually required by Business and Management graduate programs.

Click on the Applications Tab and scroll down to the "Study Abroad" link to access the application.

Our service protocol is designed to support applicants primarily with the choice of study destination. We are unable to guarantee admission into any specific institution as the final decision on acceptability of an applicant rests with the institution.

We have a partner organization that can assist international students in Sub-Sahara Africa with this service. Visit Study Remit at for the details and procedure.

This requirement depends on institutions and the destination country. Some institutions may waive it for some English speaking countries. However the visa office requirements are different and might mandate an evidence of English Language Proficiency (ELP).

Having previous travel history is good, but it might not be a guarantee for issuance of study visa/permit.

The award of scholarships to applicants is subject to availability and approval by the institution.