Summer Camps Abroad

Besor Associates

The Experience Saskatchewan program is a short duration holiday filled with cultural activities and travel experience to the Saskatchewan region of Canada. This program is designed to give guests a first hand experience of Canadian culture in one of the most beautiful and friendliest parts of the world. Visitors taking part in this program will travel to different locations in Saskatchewan and participate in activities that are common to Saskatchewanians. Accommodation and transportation for all participants are pre-arranged for the duration of stay. Applicants must have a minimum of 1-month valid holiday period Other attractions include visits to;

  • Western Development Museum
  • Wanuskewin Heritage Park
  • South Saskatchewan River Tour
  • Batoche Historical Site
  • Saskatoon Blades Ice Hockey Game
  • Ice Skating
  • Canadian Football Game
  • Canoeing or Kayaking
  • Saskatoon Folkfest
Optional Volunteers Work experience (Unpaid) is also available to give participants an insight into the Canadian work culture.

At the USA Summer Camp, you can read or write just because you want to. You will play sports, paint, sing, learn to knit or bake. You will act, juggle, dance and even perform magic tricks. Polish your math skills. Learn science the fun way. Play games that will improve your vocabulary. And every day, you will share laughs with friends from around the world. Students come from the Seattle area and other parts of Washington State to attend our Summer Camp. But they also have come from as far away as Mongolia, Alaska, Arizona, France, California, Florida, Hawaii, Germany, Japan, Maryland, Michigan, Montana, Taiwan, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Texas and the Russian Far East, to name a few. We make our class sizes small so our teachers can work with many ages and abilities at once. Mixed-age groups are successful and fun. Campers must make their own arrangements for transportation. However, if you request it, we will provide a ride for you to and from Sea-Tac Airport for a $75 charge each way. Please note that we need four weeks advance notice for airport pickups. Because our Summer Camp is a non-credit program, international campers need only hold non-immigrant B1 or B2 short-term visitor visas and hence because of the difficulties with securing visa appointment at US Consular Posts abroad, applications should be made into the summer camp program at least 4 months in advance. Our international department is available to help families with issues related to the Summer Camp.

The Summer Camp in Montreux is situated on the Lake Geneva in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. At this camp, students can acquire the necessary knowledge in French, English, German and other contemporary languages in an international environment, using intensive lerning methods. The camp emphasis is on summer fun and language learning in an European setting. Training, done in small groups, ensures constructive interactions between students and tutors. The Centre place great emphasis on your needs and will assist and guide you in gaining the maximum benefit from your courses and the time spent in Montreux. You will benefit from more than 30 years experience in international education and training while having great fun with excursions and tours. Program coverage includes Modern European languages, European Cultures, Entrepreneurship & Entreprise creation, Management and Computing.

The camp centre is located in the middle of Berlin, just a stone throw from the main shopping area of West Berlin. You will be together with other young people from all over the world in small groups and will learn to speak fluent German quicker than you ever imagined! The language course is full of fun activities and uses modern hands-on teaching methods, so that even in a short space of time you will make great progress. Most days of the week, after the completion of morning courses our young, dynamic team will make sure you have a great time with a full programme of organized afternoon activities both in and around Berlin! Close to the institute there are shops, cafes, parks, plenty of city sights and the Berlin zoo while the City of Berlin and nearby Potsdam offer hundreds of opportunities for exciting activities and excursions. A variety of activities are on offer such as city-tours, excursions to Potsdam and other places of historical interest, barbecues, discos, concerts, sports, special creativity workshops, DVD evenings, trips to museums and galleries, 3D-cinema and even to the beach (yes Berlin does have one!!). All teen activities are accompanied by pedagogically qualified staff.

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