Professional Training Programs

Besor Associates

Our professional study program covers different packages and these includes academic workshops, academic course for a semester, week-long professional certificate courses and career-specific training in-house for professionals in different fields and specialization. These training programs are customized and delivered in partnership with reputable institutions from different countries based on the strength, capability and track records of their faculty in the industry. The delivery format focuses on a didactic approach that presents the trainees with a case and tasks their role playing ability as a decision maker in order to solves problems; improving the trainee's competencies and skills in a specific area through an action, observation and reflection process; using a systematic troubleshooting approach to assist trainees focus and solve pertinent problems; offering assistance to trainees and their organization to improve through the support of resources and information, networking platform and process of change. Some of our training programs will give credit units for further academic pursuit while most are for continuing education units (CEU) and a valid academic certificate from the institution providing the course and program. The programs are developed according to the standards of the International Association for Continuing Education & Training. To register, visit our ACADEMY