Our Participants

Besor Associates
  • Yemisi/Lagos, Nigeria

    It was a wonderful experience whereby one gets to meet people from all walks of life, and learn about their culture. Participating in Badabeat Associates programs has increased my exposure and has helped to improve my interpersonal relationship with people. My advice to future participants; Learn all you can there, you've got the opportunity.

  • Funmilola/Coventry, England

    It was a wonderful experience that has its ups and downs but I learnt that in every situation you find yourself you have to believe that you can succeed and that your best is yet to come! Participating in Badabeat Associates programs taught me that life is not a bed of roses asides other things that I learnt; it was actually a new beginning for me. My advice to future participants; whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well, so in any situation in life you find yourself always be geared towards doing your best to achieve the best results and leave the rest to God who perfects all things.

  • Abisoye/Oxford, England

    Badabeat Associates Work and Travel USA program was a good one, I worked really hard, had to meet deadlines and also had to do extra hours. It was a whole new experience that I really appreciate a lot and I must say, it has helped me to mix with people from all around the world, I have also learnt other peoples culture which I really appreciate. Basically, I have learnt to be more accomodating and always do my best at all times. My advice to future participants; just stay focused and never follow peer pressure, it would ruin you, also do your job the way you have been instructed, never be late and do not get yourself involved in shady businesses in the park. Finally, never collect bribe or tips, just do your thing.

  • Damilola/Ibadan, Nigeria

    It was really a great privilege to be a participant in the exchange program organized by Badabeat Associates. I was able to travel around, have an international work experience, learn languages like Spanish and Turkish from other participants. I was able to mix with different people from other parts of the world. I met people from every walks of life and countries like Turkey, Taiwan, Azerbaijan and also learnt to cope with different people as well as tolerate those who do not seem to reason along with me due to differences in background. I also became a member of ASM (American Society of Microbiology) while I was in the USA. My advice to future participants; make the most of all opportunities that come your way wisely, and everywhere you go be an outstanding person. Do not be discouraged if there are any disappointments, be focussed and pursue your goal. Always remember 3 things in this journey of life, GOD, DETERMINATION and ENDURANCE. GOD make every impossibilities POSSIBLE. Finally, be positive in everything you do.

  • Ayodeji Nelly/St. Charles, MO, USA

    I was given maximum attention at Badabeat Associates and everything was made available at every point needed. Your time with them depends on you. Well, their impact helped me all the way. The counseling given to me prepared me for the upcoming events and made me go through them without fear but with confidence. My advice to future participants; do as they have been told and they should put their mind to it. The whole program was pretty cool!

  • Oluwasegun/St. Charles, MO, USA

    It was a straightforward and thorough process with Badabeat Associates, with adequate monitoring and assistance all the way. I was given professional assistance which also included making sure I was never tempted to think I would have everything done for me. Overall, it was both pleasant and tasking being in charge of my own work but with wonderful support from Badabeat Associates. It has helped me to reignite my need to be in control of my own work with efficient external support. My advice to future participants; please take the program serious and be willing to adapt to the conditions of Badabeat Associates. You'll be glad you did.

  • Ibukunoluwa/St. Charles, MO, USA

    At Badabeat Associates, I worked with experienced professionals who had good knowledge of their work thus making my application process pretty easy and finally achievable. The service was very satisfactory and always timely. It helped me narrow down my best chances and grab them before it was too late. My advice to future participants; it pays to listen to professional counsel.

  • Joseph/Trenton, MO, USA

    I felt good, happy and comfortable with the services I got from Badabeat Associates. The advice, counseling and guidance I got really helped me and it made me feel so bold as to stand in public and speak without fear. My advice to future participants; for those who are participating in any Badabeat Associates program, I will tell them to focus on their dreams and pray over them and Badabeat Associates will assist in making those dreams come true. It is real.

  • Adetutu/Lagos, Nigeria

    It has been a very good program to me and it has helped me to network and meet people from all parts of the country and also work with different kinds of people at Six Flags. Once again, thank you for organizing such program in Nigeria. My advice to future participants; take advantage of the opportunity.

  • Oladipo/Leicester, United Kingdom

    I want to let you know that I really appreciate all you have done for us from the beginning to this time. Thanks for the support and the courage you gave to us to be able to survive and flow well with the program, I will like to say thanks one more time.