High School in USA

Besor Associates

We offer University Preparatory classes through High School study opportunities starting from Grade 10 in the USA and Canada. After three years study with North American curriculum (Grade 10-12), the students will obtain high school diploma and can apply to universities in North America directly (just the same as local students) without taking any English efficiency test. Applicants for 11th or 12th grade can apply as well, in which case, we will get the student's grade 10 transcript to be evaluated by the Learning Department and see how many extra credits student needs to study in order to obtain an high school diploma. Flexibility is applied to individual students' application and the best suitable way for students' study is ensured accordingly. Provider Institutions offers each student a comprehensive and fulfilling education experience, delivered by highly qualified teachers. Students are also assisted to get acquainted with the host country, and a variety of activities such as weekend field trips, sports, drama, cultural celebration etc will help the students feel at home. With the provision of small class sizes, the learning process is better facilitated. Students will also receive training in Environmental Issues, Inter-cultural Communication, Technology, Community Experience, Entrepreneurship/Intrapreneurship, Holistic Development etc.

We at Badabeat Associates understand that it will take some time for young international students to adapt to a new environment in a different country at the beginning. Normally for the first year, students are struggling to obtain good record of scores for the whole academic year in their courses and these high schools focuses on the practical projects that are related to the academic courses, i.e. learning by doing, so that students can find their own way to learn and practice. Also available is Student Exchange Program for long term program (one semester or one year), the curriculum and activities are the same as our normal high school program, students will obtain course credits for what they learn. For short-term program (say three months), the program are customized so that students might take fewer classes but spend more time in each class and they could actually get credit for work they do within three month window. Click HERE to download and complete the registration form.