College Study in USA

Besor Associates

Community colleges offer a wide variety of course and programs where students can earn an Associates Degree in two years making them eligible for transfer to University. Students can choose to study for two years within a certain field in order to receive an Associate Degree. This degree forms the foundation of a Bachelor Degree by allowing students to complete all of the general education requirements prior to transfer to a four year university.

A student obtaining an Associate Degree will have his/her classes counted towards the Bachelor Degree requirement. Practically this means that a student does the final two years of the Bachelors Degree at University after having completed the first two at Community College. Some of our community colleges have arrangements with universities that will offer students that have obtained an Associate Degree guaranteed acceptance into their Bachelors Degree programs. For a list of Community Colleges in the US where we can give you placement in your desired and specific course of study, please contact our office with your desired course of study and to proceed with registration, click HERE